Posts in Media

Posts in media

FoST activities and programs have been released in many posts in media and professionnal magazines, nationwide and worldwide since its creation in 2002



Indreni Weekly (December 11, 2015)  – Self-reliance in alternative energy

Ankur of Annapurna Post (November 29, 2015) – Action-oriented exhibition on green energy sources

Friday of Nepal Republic Media (November 20, 2015) – Energy is in our home

Nepalpati (October, 2015) – We don’t need to afraid of India’s blockades, we have alternative of gas

Nepal of Kantipur Publications (July 5, 2015) – Indigenous technologies

Vadrouille-et-tambouille, a French website (March, 20, 2015) – FoST, fondation pour des technologies durables


Energy Forall (2013) – Recycling wastes into fuel briquettes for the poor communities

Appropriate technology in Nepal (Summer course, 2013)


Himalayan alchemy (2011) – a ‘diamond’ grows from garbage


Sakshi Telugu daily Newspaper, Hyderabad Edition (Nov. 2008) – Briquette training in Hyderabad

Production of Fuel Briquettes from garbage (nov 2008)


Newsweek (Nov.12, 2007) – World Challenge Finalitsts

Video on sustainable energy in Nepal (2007)

FoST is RUNNER UP in the World Challenge 2007! (2007)


Boiling Point (2006) – Health, Safety, and household energy

posts in media