Our training programs

training programs

FoST regularly organizes interactive training programs and workshops for community members and schools to educate people on the need for sustainable technologies


Training programs include:
•    The use of existing devices;
•    Awareness of natural resources;
•    How to build sustainable devices from locally available materials;
•    Small business development and technical training;
•    Demonstrations of sustainable devices;
•    Solar lunches

We propose different training programs:

training programs

N.B. : Booking can be placed upon depositing 100% advances


All these training programs are organized to train the people and find solutions on the following issues :

1.    Learn how to cook and pasteurize water in sun,
2.    Use solar energy daily to save time, fuel cost and indoor pollution,
3.    Use available energy source efficiently,
4.    Learn how to use free source of energy in daily life,
5.    Learn how to cook food without using kerosene, gas, electricity and fire wood,
6.    Manage your degradable wastes to make briquettes,
7.    How to bring a behavioral change in the community,
8.    Learn how to start a micro-business based on solar energy and green wastes


We have trained diverse participants thanks to skill training programs from all around Nepal :

training programs
training programs


training programs